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Knife or a pan? Whisk or a pot? Don't fry Your noodle, we've got Your lot.

Commercial Kitchen Pan Supplier

Commercial Kitchen Pans

Frying Pans and a large range of Gastronorm Pans are featured in this section. We also have access to a many options that are not listed on the website yet, if you dont see what you are looking for speak to your local support person, they always strive to meet your needs.

Commercial Kitchen Cutting Boards

Cutting Boards

A good range of different sizes and colours of cutting boards for the kitchen.

Commercial Glass washer

Dish & glass washing machines and accessories

With a range of Rhima dish washing and glass washing machines and the dishwashing racks and glass washing baskets you will need to work efficiently

Commercial Kitchen Oven Dish

Kitchen and oven dishes

Souffle dishes, tapered dished and porcelaine dishes.

Commercial kitchen fryer

Frying baskets and commercial kitchen fryers

Natural gas deep fryers, Donut fryers, frying pans and skimmers and frying baskets are all featured in this section.

Kitchen jugs

Kitchen jugs

Different sizes of plastic measuring jugs from 1 litre to 5 litres

Commercial Kitchen Knives

Commercial kitchen knives

Chefs Knives, knives with coloured handles and paring knives

Commercial Kitchen Mixing Bowls

Kitchen mixing bowls

Stainless steel mixing bowls in different sizes from 160mm diameter 0.6 litre to 335mm diameter 6 litre bowls.

Commercial Kitchen Oven

Oven and grill equipment & accessories

With Waldorf gas ovens, Birko Sandwich press grills, Commercial microwave ovens, Menumaster commercial ovens and griddle scrapers.

Restaurant Pizza Paddle

Pizza & Pasta

Pizza screens and heavy duty stainless steel pizza paddles for cooking pizza, then paddle boards and pizza cutters for serving. 

Commercial kitchen ramekin


A range of Ramekins from different brands including Chelsea, Churchill, Zuma and Ryner Melamine

Commercial smoking gun for food

Scales Torches & Smoking

A range of sizes of digital scales, food smoking guns and hickory chips for smoking

Steak markers for chefs

Steak Markers & Sizzlers

Plastic steak markers for well done, medium and rare and steak marker picks with flags showing well done, medium well, medium and medium rare.

Commercial kitchen Storage Jars

Storage Jars & Bottles

Your commercial kitchen storage requirements are met with a range of squeeze bottle with different coloured lids and different size glass storage jars with sealable lids.

Commercial kitchen strainer


Stainless steel strainers in varying sizes from 100mm to 300mm with conical and dome shaped designs.

Commercial kitchen food thermometer


Digital thermometers for a variety of commercial kitchen applications including fridge freezer themomenters to minus 30 degree C, candy / deep fryer thermometers, waterproof thermomenters and milk frother thermometers.

Commercial kitchen tongs

Kitchen Tongs

Different type of tongs to meet the needs of most commercial kitchens including fork spoon tongs, ice tongs and utility tongs in different sizes and shapes

Plastic tray for waiters

Baking Trays and Serving Trays

Anti slip waiters trays in a variety of sizes and stainless steel baking trays.

commercial kitchen whisk

Kitchen Utensils

A huge range of commercial kitchen utensils including whisks, wooden spoons, spatulas, scoops, piping nozzles and bags and mashers.

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