How to select and order products (website)

This section assumes you have logged in and are ready to place your first order.

If you have not logged in yet or created an account please use the FAQ section above and work from the top down.

The Infiniti Group Australia website is organised into Categories, Subcategories and Product Pages.

In the example Hospitality - > Dinner Napkins -> White Quilted Napkins.

Hospitality is the Category, Dinner Napkins is the SubCategory and White Quilted Napkins the product.

IGAU Website Navigation

Products can be added to your order by either pressing the Add to Cart button on the Sub Category page (above) or the product page (as shown below)

(mobile users need to click on each product before the add to cart options is available)

IGAU Website Product

When you press add to cart you will notice the shopping trolley in the topp right hand corner turns red.

If you click on the red shopping trolley you can see the items you are ordering.

IGAU Website Quick Cart

For the next Step goto FAQ ->  How To Duplicate An Order

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