How to checkout (website)

When you have selected the products you wish to order, click on the orange shopping cart at the top right of the screen

IGAU Website Quick Cart

You now have two options, if you are confident the order is ok press Proceed to Checkout.

If you would like to check the order and change the quantities, then press View and Edit Cart.

If you press View and Edit Cart you will see:-

IGAU Website Shopping Cart

If you press Procede to Checkout then you will see the screen below

IGAU Website Checkout

If you are happy the shipping address is correct then click next to choose a payment method.

IGAU Website Payment Method

Now you can choose if you would like to pay by credit card or purchase order.

Please note if your company name has (COD) at the end you will be required to checkout and pay for your order by credit card.

If you have a pre approved Nett 14 day account and usually receive invoices from us then the purchase order option can be used.

Now press place order and you will see:-

IGAU Website Thank You

Thank you for using our website, you order is now sent to our Customer Service team for review and process.

If you spot any changes or have any querieries call 1300 368 587

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