How to checkout (app)

When you have selected the products you wish to order, click on the shopping cart on the top right hand corner of your screen. This will open up a screen like below.

App checkout

Now press checkout to proceed with your order. Your delivery address will now appear for you to confirm where your order will be shipped.

Checkout Address

Click on the address to proceed to the place order screen.

Place order

Next we need to click the free delivery option, the little circle should be replaced by a tick to show it has been selected. If your order has not met the minimum order klevel, you may need to increase the order to this value.

Then we need to choose our paymnet method.  You can choose if you would like to pay by credit card or purchase order.

Please note if your company name has (COD) at the end you will be required to checkout and pay for your order by credit card.

If you have a pre approved Nett 14 day account and usually receive invoices from us then the purchase order option can be used.

Again press on the option you require and you will see the circle change to a tick. If you select purchase order you will need to type in a reference number (aka purchase order), if you select credit card you will taken to a payment gateway.

Now that free delivery and one of the payemnt options has a tick, you can press place order and the screen below will show up

Order placed

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