How do I login (website)

When your account has been set up by Infiniti Group Australia, an email will be sent to you with a link to type in a password.

Click on the link and add you password. Your account is now set up and ready to use.

If you have not received your email, but expected that it should have been sent, please call customer service for assistance on 1300 368 587

If you have not registered with us for access to the site yet, please see "How do I get access to the website / app" for instructions.

(1) In the top right hand corner of the website click "Wholesale Login" - this will take you to this page:-

(mobile view users will click the three horizontal bars on the top left of the screen, then click account, then Wholesale Login)

IGAU Website Login

Infiniti Group Australia has varied product offerings based on your state.
Your wholesale login will only work with the state that you are assigned to.
Now click the blue lettering for your state.

(2) Customer Login

IGAU Website Customer Login

Now fill in the customer login. Firstly add your email address (making sure it is the same as the email used to register)

Then type in your password

Then click on the box "I am not a robot".

The I am not a robot box aka recaptha may ask you to select some pictures to prove you are not another computer trying to guess the login.

When the box has a tick press sign In to go to your account.

For the next Step goto FAQ -> What is My Dashboard

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