How do I get access (website and app)

Infiniti Group Australia works with businesses to provide Chemicals, Washroom Products, Packaging and Hospitality supplies.

Often pricing is determined by a contract to supply which will be preloaded into the website / app prior to use.

If you are a new customer and have not worked with us before, click here to open an account

Existing customers should contact their Account Manager.

App Ordering

(above) Screen shot of the Infiniti Group Australia App on an Ipad

With access to the website / App you can:-

Browse and choose from thousands of products.

View previously ordered items and reorder items you use frequently.

View wishlist products that we load for you to make ordering easier.

Have multiple log ins for your company so multiple people can order

Checkout using a purchase order (approved account holders) or credit card.

Download and use the Android / Apple app with the same credentials.

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